My energy programs focus on coming back into the body, opening the heart, leaning into self-expression, and cultivating self-trust.
I offer new group programs every season, with the latest ones listed below. To be notified when registration opens for new offerings, sign up for my newletter.

I occasionally do one-on-one energy work when I have bandwidth and the match feels right. See details on my Phoenix Rising program for individuals below.

Leaning into Self-Trust
This four-week-long series of guided energy meditations & journal prompts will bring an intimate group of folks together online to explore the topic of self-trust. Through discussion and guided visualizations, we’ll feel into the energy body and deepen our consciousness around what holds us back from feeling “ready,” why we feel disconnected from our intuition, and how we can trust ourselves to be more bold.
Dates: Sundays, Jan 15, Jan 22, Jan 29, Feb 5
Time: 2:00-3:30pm EDT / 7:00-8:30pm GMT
Price: $199 full tuition*

* A scholarship rate of $119 is available for those experiencing systematic injustice (e.g. BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, or differently abled folks). Four of these scholarships are available.

Phoenix Rising
This is a one-on-one program for people on the cusp of a reinvention. Whether in your creativity, your career, or your spirituality, we all arrive at key inflection points throughout our lives. Moments where we know that transformation is required — and often desired — but we’re not quite sure how to proceed.

Through a series of three, 90-minute sessions, we’ll explore how you can tap into your intuition and chart a path forward that’s aligned with your true nature. We’ll use a combination of guided intention-setting and energy meditation to loosen old energetic blocks, access your creativity, and connect your mind and body to “source” — the deepest knowing of your higher self.

This work is powerful, but it is not a quick fix. In order to transform ourselves, we are often required to let go of ideas or habits to which we are deeply attached. Together we can open the door to a new self, but only you can walk through it.

Are you ready and willing to heal?

Contact me about availability at: hello [at]