The Light Heart Project creates spaces for healing, play, and transformative change. We host online gatherings that people around the world can participate in, as well as in-person gatherings in upstate New York.

LHP is a work-in-progress created by Jocelyn K. Glei, who is an energy healer, a writer, a speaker, and an educator. She believes that we all have the innate power to tend to, and heal, our energy systems through physical touch, language, and thought.

Drawing on her experience using her voice through her podcast Hurry Slowly as well as her teaching experience and reiki training, Jocelyn shows students how to use “radiant attention” to build deeper awareness of their energetic patterns.

Jocelyn is a certified reiki master/teacher in the Usui/Tibetan tradition. She trained in Brooklyn, NY with Kristin Reed, who studied with William Lee Rand and Hykuten Inamoto.

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