Light Heart Project is an energetic playground for transformative change, led by Jocelyn K. Glei.

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Everyone has a gift.

I create events and programs that help you get to know your energy body as an essential source of wisdom and guidance. Through the exploration of themes like intuition, self-expression, and self-trust, I will guide you into deeper awareness of your own unique gifts — and how to embody them in the world.


I loved the work I did with Jocelyn in so many ways. I was navigating a tremendous amount of change and the work we did together allowed me to feel grounded, centered, and empowered. I felt like I was able to return to a wisdom and intuition that I knew was lying under the surface and was able to unlock a part of me that I did not have access to at the time.

Jocelyn is an intuitive, thoughtful, and gentle guide for this work. It can feel vulnerable to allow yourself to go into places that feel powerful but unknown. I really appreciated how she created a safe space for us. I felt her warm, steady, presence shine throughout the experience.

I am profoundly grateful for my work with her and the many shifts that followed.

—Sara H.

I absolutely loved working with Jocelyn. For me, the most vital ingredient of doing meaningful work is feeling safe to go to unexplored areas. Jocelyn created a warm cocoon and took me on a really deep dive. Months later, the insights I gained are still informing and deepening my personal practice. I’m grateful to have her as a resource.

—Marjorie F.

Thank you for the tender, vital space you open. I’ve felt the lessons and reminders from the energy work sinking slowly into me over the last few weeks, and I’ve felt such a subtle, clear shift in myself.

My anxiety feels way, way down, mainly because I trust myself in my choices. I’ve felt empowered to incorporate mistakes in my daily life in a way that feeds me and celebrates regular, uncomfortable, necessary growth.

This felt like a full-body and full-spirit tune-up, and one that will keep me sure and clear for many more moons to come. I feel really lucky for that—the space you build and the people you gather are the nourishing this world needs.

—Zoe F.

I approached Jocelyn when I was sensing an energetic shift in my career and life but  was unsure how it would manifest. As our session began, I found myself grappling to clearly articulate my feelings. But, within minutes, Jocelyn distilled the essence of what I was seeking and crafted a mantra that has been my companion ever since. 

She helped me reconnect with a radiant sense of self I once feared was lost. Her words stoked the transformative energy within me, leading to a sustained clarity that resonated for weeks. She has been a pivotal force as my personal and professional transformation continues to evolve.

—Brock L.